How to dress for your Christmas party

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Once a year we all get excited, nervous and a little stressed about what we’re going to wear to our Christmas party.

Is this skirt too short?

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Will this dress get too tight after the meal?

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Will I wear it again?

Well fear not because Kate Holroyd, Senior Stylist at, is here to give you some epic tips on dressing for your Christmas party.

Don’t leave it too late

Believe us, you will regret leaving your shopping to the very last minute. “This will only lead to sheer panic, trust me I’ve been there,” Kate said.

Always choose comfort

Let’s face it, a Christmas party usually involves a lot of food, so the last thing you want is to feel restricted and bloated in a tight dress. According to Kate, comfort is key. “You want to make sure you’ve got room for the party food,” she said.

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Experiment with your style

A Christmas party is the perfect place to get out of your usual work clothes and pop on something that sums up your personality. According to Kate you shouldn’t be afraid to pick something that isn’t your usual style. “Why not steer away from the good old party dress this year, and turn to one of my fave party alternatives such as the tux,” she said. “This will give you that masculine sexy vibe that will make you stand out from the rest for all the right reasons.”

Ditch the little black dress

While it may be the safe option, the little black dress can be a bit underwhelming for a Christmas bash. This is your time to stand out with a pop of colour or a fashionable jumpsuit. “Luxe metallics are huge for the party season right now, so why not try a plunge neck metallic midi dress with studded accessories to toughen your look up or maybe go a bit 60’s in a metallic white shift dress,” Kate said. We couldn’t agree with her more. Leave that black dress at home and invest in a showstopper.

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Vamp it up with accessories

It’s the party season and your outfit is crying out for some exciting pieces of bling. You don’t have to go mad but by just adding a statement clutch, your outfit can be transformed. “Why not add a body harness necklace? These are great ways of finishing off your party look,” Kate said.

Go all out with your make-up

If you can’t wear dramatic make-up at a Christmas party, then when can you? Your hair and make-up are super important to give your look that flawless finish, especially is you have chosen a simple outfit. “I personally love a rock chick vibe, with a strong smokey eye, nude lip and textured hair,” Kate said.