New ‘Smart Condom’ rates sexual performance and we can’t believe how far technology has come

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New ‘Smart Condom’ rates sexual performance and

It’s like a Fitbit for your sex life.

The new ‘Smart Condom’ rates sexual performance

First there was a fitness tracker for your vagina, now there’s a high-tech contraceptive that can ~literally~ rate your date’s performance in the bedroom.

Because there’s nothing sexier than gaging one’s “average velocity of thrusts” mid-shag…

Introducing Britain Condoms’ i.Con, the ‘Smart Condom’ (that’s actually more like a ring) that can measure how many calories a man burns through sex, as well as track how much sex he is having over a period of time.

Using a Nano-chip and sensors, the i.Con can also calculate thrust speed, girth measurement, average skin temperature – yes, skin temprature – and different positions used (this is currently in BETA testing).

Plus, it also claims to be able to detect STIs.

Interestingly, the owner of this reusable sex-tech ring can actually share the, err, results with their partner or even friends (why?) by pairing the i.Con app with their phone.

Yes, this may or may not be the stuff leaked nude-pic scandals are made of…

The $97 ring will be available to buy online later this year, but you may find it tricky to get your hands on one; 96,000 people have already pre-ordered theirs…